Friday, January 12, 2007

Editor B on AC 360


HollieMichelle said...

I can't seem to post on your main blog.

I just watched Editor B video. Although we are equally outraged by anyone's murder, we find it more terrifying when we see ourselves in the victims. Such is the case with the Helen Hill and Dinerral Shavers for me. Most of our friends are filmmakers and musicians, all good, innocent people just trying to live their lives. There has been some talk about going to N.O. to film an upcoming pilot, after FNL is done shooting here in the spring. I never got the chance to go to N.O. before Katrina. I am sad that if I go there, I'll have to see it the way it is now. Truth is, I'm scared and don't really want to go.

They say that the crime rate has increased here in Austin and in Houston as we inherited both good citizens and criminals. A relative of mine was approached in the parking lot of his apartment last year and forced into his apartment at gunpoint where he was robbed. He was lucky, comparatively speaking. But he was forced to drop his classes, go on anti-anxiety medication, and go stay with a relative out in the country for two months. He was that shaken up. They never caught the guys. The cops said that they were working six new armed robberies that week. I don't know where these guys came from. Recently, down the street from us, a 60 something man was shot to death as he walked home from a convenience store where he was buying soft drinks for the kids. They haven't caught them either. I've noticed that I have become more reclusive myself and am more afraid to go out alone than I used to be. Forgive my rambling!

Sophmom said...

Hollie, thanks for taking the time to say it here. Blog-City has been experiencing some technical problems this week, something quite rare for them.

I'm sorry that you didn't get the chance to experience New Orleans before the flood. I don't know what to tell you about your fears. We all have them and they become particularly difficult when we identify with the victims and their circumstances, as you can so easily do now.

That said, I think you will find that New Orleans is one of the richest arts communities, certainly in this country and perhaps in the world. The arts and creativity are valued and honored there, even celebrated, in a way that they just aren't in other places.

We can't lock ourselves in isolated fortresses (well, we can, but we don't really want to). It seems to me that the possibility your darlin' has is just the perfect way to check it out, without really making any kind of permanent commitment, kind of like an extended visit. There are many areas of the city that are quite safe, particularly Uptown, which is why there are so many university students who chose to return. You'll get the chance to enjoy the amazing restaurants, galleries and music venues, the incredible "joi d'vivre" that defines the city's culture, without facing those issues of home ownership that are such a big part of all the angst that the permanent residents rightly face, wondering whether or not to rebuild, whether or not the levees will be properly repaired, whether or not insurance companies will write homeonwers policies for mortgages in the flood zone. You wouldn't face any of that renting in many areas of the city.

My advice to you would be to try to keep in mind that many of the NOLA bloggers who are so rightfully upset are permanent residents with homes in the badly flooded areas of the city, long-time citizens with a deep commitment to staying there for life and to fixin' what needs fixin' so that they can do so, safely. They're crying out because it needs to be done.

Random violence exists everywhere. We all have the chance to use our common sense to keep ourselves as safe as possible. You raise very thoughtful and considered questions in your comment. I hope my response begins to address them. I remain available to discuss this with you in any way that might help you make an informed decision. You might just really love it there. I'd love to meet you for a beer and a po' boy! :)

Did you know that Brangelina bought a house in the French Quarter and enrolled their oldest in a NOLA school? :D

Peace, darlin'. It'll all work out for the best.

HollieMichelle said...

That's very true...what you said about not having the worries associated with a permanent stay.
Lucky for us, when we go out of town, the production company finds us a place and pays the rent for us. It could be an apartment or house, but often it is a hotel. Of course, who knows what kind of place they could put us up in, either to save money or because of a shortage of lodging. We lived in a hotel near Marfa, Texas for two months last summer. But, Marfa is tiny and has almost no crime. I was free to roam an roam without much fear. Of course, I'm alway cautious. We did almost get bitten by a rattlesnake!!!

I think it's nice that A and B decided to make a home there...but I still haven't forgiven them. I'm not very forgiving when it comes to infidelity...regardless of excuse or other good deeds.

At this point, going to N.O. is just talk. That's the way it is in this kind of never know what's next. He's on his second season on FNL...would be great to great to get a third or another locally filmed movie/show and stay at home!!!

I'd think it would be hard to pin you down long enough to have seem to get around quite a bit. Are you still in N.O.?

sophmom said...

Na, darlin'. I'm in Atlanta. My Middle Son lives in NO. He's a junior at Loyola University. I was already blogging about the city before It Happened, so the NOLAbloggers accepted me, despite my lack of residency. I haven't been since I was there for the Rising Tide conference the weekend before the anniversary, but if they really have Geek Dinner III this coming weekend (which they're talking about), I'll do my best to get down there for it.

HollieMichelle said...

Oh, I thought I read somewhere on your blog that you were visiting New Orleans and something about having to leave your laptop at home in Atlanta with one of your boys. Maybe that was an old post.

I sure do get around the internet. In fact, I think I'm going to have to set a time limit!

sophmom said...

Just keep reading, darlin'. Next thing you know, you'll find yourself among a whole bunch of new friends. That, in fact, was last August. I went for the Rising Tide conference (those NOLA bloggers like to gather) and stayed at Casa Dangerblond. Middle Son thought I'd lost my mind. It was a blast.

HollieMichelle said...

If you need a lift and wanna see something really cute...come see the little video of the bulldog puppies on my blog. OMG these are the cutest things ever!